Work With Me

What does it look like to work with me?

I am an intuitive life coach. I have traditional accredited coaching training as well as energy healing training.  All of my sessions will include some form of energy work.  

When we work together, I connect with your “team”.  Your team consists of your higher-self, spirit guides, angels, and ancestors.  I act as a “telephone” and your team works through me to help guide you to where you want to be.  

In our very first session they give me a pretty clear “vibe” or feeling or sometimes image of what your best life looks and  feels like.   This is the destination that they are supporting me (and you) to get to.   Your team knows you better than you do in many cases,  they give me “downloads” of thoughts, questions, stories, phrases etc., that are just for you to help guide you further and closer to your final destination.  

Every person is different, every team is different, every session is different. 

You can work with me in private or group settings, depending on the level of personal guidance you are looking for and how quickly you’d like to move towards your goal!

Private Coaching

One on one coaching is just that… It’s your very own,  personal intuitive coaching program. While all coaching is goal based, one on one coaching is where we do the deep work to figure out who you are right now and where you want to go.

We use the guidance from your team of spirit guides to lead our sessions. This is where we will do the work to figure out what works for you and where you may have old blockages. And you can trust that I will be pushing you through those, teaching you tools to move you closer to their ultimate goal of feeling good!

Small Group Coaching - Goal Getters

Small groups of less than 10 women meet weekly via zoom. We work on specific goals and challenges in a way that benefits all members of the group. This is a great source of support and accountability for reaching goals from women on the same journey as you!

Community Accountability Group

Community and peer based group for accountability, support, uplifting each other, and to share experiences and advice. This group is a safe place where women can come and feel heard, in a judgement-free environment! I am active in this group and provide inspiration and guidance, but I do not provide specific coaching to members in this space.

Reiki Healing

Usui Reiki is a hands on, or hands near, energy healing method.  We work by moving energy through your body specifically through your energy centers called Chakras.  Reiki is used to move healing energy through your body and chakras to bring your body and soul into better alignment. Balance is the keyword with reiki.