Meet Danyel

Hey, I'm Danyel

Hey there, beautiful souls! I’m Danyel Cristaldi, and I’m here to share my story, my passion, and my commitment to guiding you on a journey of self-discovery, healing, and transformation.

My Why: A Personal Journey

This is more than a profession for me; it’s a calling born from personal struggles. I’ve battled anxiety and depression, faced moments of despair, and even stood at the edge of the abyss. However, my life took a profound turn when I crossed paths with an incredible energy healer and coach who became my beacon of light. Through years of dedication, I not only conquered my demons but emerged as a certified energy healer and life coach.

Watching Women Blossom: The Heart of My Passion

My why? It’s witnessing the incredible transformations of the women I work with. Guiding them from a place of uncertainty to a profound rediscovery of self is my greatest joy. Reflecting on their journey, seeing the amazing work they do, and the strides they make in such a short time is nothing short of magical.

Who Am I? A Rainbow-Wielding, Multi-Passionate Mom and Wife

I’m Danyel Cristaldi, a proud mom to a wonderful son, a devoted wife, and a dog mom. You can call me Princess Positivity – a title earned through my love for all things Disney and my superpower of finding a positive twist in every situation. Spot me in a crowd, and you’ll notice my vibrant rainbow hair – a reflection of the unapologetic, authentic self I’ve become.

Life hasn’t always been this colorful. I spent years living for others, neglecting my true self. Now, having done the work, I shine bright, refusing to dim my sparkly fairy rainbow magic for anyone else.

Fun Facts about Me: A Hufflepuff Zumba Instructor and Rainbow Enthusiast

Did you know I’m a licensed Zumba instructor? Yep, dancing is one of my passions. I was also a professional dog groomer, and yes, one of my dogs is proudly rocking rainbow colors too. I’m a proud Hufflepuff, a Kpop lover, and my favorite color? Well, it’s a rainbow, of course. Oh, and I married my husband three times in one year – talk about a celebration of love!

What Am I? A Certified Life Coach and Energy Healer

I hold certifications from the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching, an accredited program through the International Federation of Coaching. As a level 3 Usui Reiki energy healer with 12 years of experience, I bring a holistic approach to guide you through your journey of transformation.

The Unlikely Beginning: From Dog Grooming to Life Coaching

Believe it or not, my path to coaching began in dog grooming school. Opting for an all-natural holistic grooming program, I discovered a new way of thinking that changed my life. It was there that I met my Reiki mentor, and my journey of service and support to women began. I delved into the power of thought, manifesting, and the interconnectedness of energy.

Teaching the Power of Thought: Changing Lives, One Thought at a Time

Now, I pay forward the invaluable lessons I’ve learned. I teach the power of thought, the intricacies of energy, and the art of manifesting to the incredible women who choose to walk this transformative path with me. It’s proof that following your urges, even if they seem like a detour, can lead to a life-changing destination.

Ready to embark on this magical journey with me?
Let's co-create the vibrant, fulfilling life you deserve.